Poor health leads to a humourless, angrier workforce

Poor workplace health leads to an increase in anger and a loss of humour among workers, according to a study by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The poll of more than 1,500 managers, run in conjunction with small business OH service Workplace Health Connect, found just half of respondents felt they were currently in ‘good’ health.

Four in 10 admitted to feeling or becoming angry with others too easily, and one-third confessed to a loss of humour, creating pressure.

More than half complained of physical aches and pains, while 44% reported frequent headaches. Fifty-five per cent were constantly tired, 57% complained of insomnia, and 21% said they had difficulty making decisions because of bad health.

Mary Chapman, CMI chief executive, said: “With the impact of ill health being keenly felt in the workplace, managers need a better understanding of the consequences of letting relatively minor symptoms escalate.”


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