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This week: Apathy, or something like that

There’s an uncomfortable air hanging around the office this week. This is due to an unprecedented outbreak of apathy around Guru’s workstation. There must be something going on in the world of work to get his heckles up, but either it’s keeping a low profile or Guru is not looking hard enough.

He suspects it’s the latter. A brief trip to the doctor confirmed that he has joined the massed ranks of employees who have CBA – a condition closely related to SAD (seasonal affected disorder). CBA stands for Can’t Be Arsed and is basically the same thing as SAD, but with a helping of self-responsibility thrown in.

Why is this? Is it the weather? Guru is beginning to question whether an ice age has sneaked up on us unawares. Is it Personnel Today’s new ‘Pensions Watch’ constantly reminding him that we’re all going to die in penury due to closing pension funds? (Although this does give him an idea for a chain of Victorian-style workhouses to be run on a public-private partnership basis.)

Looking on the bright side, this state of bewilderment does give Guru the chance to tell a rather poor joke:

What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?
I don’t know and I don’t care.

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