This month’s OH news in brief

Melanoma risk for men

Men are more likely than women to die from melanoma – the most malignant form of skin cancer – according to a new study.

Research by the Northern and Yorkshire Cancer Registry and Information Service has found that, despite the disease affecting more women than men, male mortality rates are higher.

Women, the study suggested, are more prepared to come forward for testing than men, meaning tumours are less well advanced when diagnosed.

Cherry juice eases pain

Cherry juice can reduce muscle pain and damage induced by exercise, a study of 14 volunteers published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has concluded.

There was a significant difference in the degree of muscle strength loss and soreness experienced between those drinking a cherry juice blend and those taking a dummy mixture.

Asthma charter backed

A ‘charter’ developed by the charity Asthma UK to help employers know what to do if someone is having an asthma attack and provide guidelines on making their work environment an asthma-friendly zone has received government backing.

Employment minister Jim Murphy said the workplace charter could help to improve the health and safety of the 4.1 million adults in the UK with asthma.

Regular doses are vital

People who take their medicine regularly, even dummy (placebo) medicine, have a lower risk of death than those with poor adherence, a study in the British Medical Journal has concluded. Adherence to drug treatment could be a marker for overall healthy behaviour, it said.

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