Work-related driving fatalities cost UK more than £1.6bn in 2007

Fatal collisions involving people who drive as part of their jobs cost the UK more than £1.6bn in 2007, latest figures show.

The statistics, from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), were published as MPs gathered in January to support a new programme launched by the institute to help employers manage the risks associated with employees who drive for work.

The IAM Driver Risk Management programme includes an online risk assessment of an individual’s driving, which in turn calculates a risk rating to determine further training needs.

This could range from online learning modules to personal on-road lessons to improve driving skills, said the IAM fleet managing director Seb Goldin.

“Around one-third of all road acci­dents involve people driving for work, and for every death there is an associated cost to the economy which can total billions of pounds each year. This is not acceptable,” he added.

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