Workplace health and safety regulations to be strengthened after MEP’s report

Measures offering greater protection to pregnant workers could be passed by the European Parliament today.

MEPs will vote on a resolution in Strasbourg after discussing a report drafted by East Midlands representative Glenis Willmott on improving health and safety at work.

“Figures show that accidents at work or occupational illness mean 27,000 people each year have to leave work forever,” said Willmott.

The report calls for policy to slash the number of dangerous incidents across the EU by 25% between now and 2012. Measures that could be included in this policy include new rules to protect disabled, temporary, migrant and pregnant workers.

“For both economic and human reasons, health and safety at work deserves to be given a prominent place on the community’s policy agenda,” said the report.

Details of exactly what kind of health and safety measures will be introduced are expected to be released following the debate.

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