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This month, Occupational Health merges with its sister title Occupational Health Review. The timing could not be better. Dame Carol Black’s report launched last month, Working for a Healthier Tomorrow, calls for a re-energised national OH service available to all people of working age, with a heavy emphasis on multi-disciplinary working.

The new merged publication means that readers will now have an all-encompassing publication for all practitioners in workplace health, with a new research-based ‘Review’ section. The newly merged publication aims to be the leading title for all practitioners in the emerging expansion of workplace health services.

The aim is simply to provide authoritative and practical up-to-date information and advice on the delivery of OH services to practitioners in the field and others with responsibility for workplace health. Apart from the new ‘Review’ section, there is also a new ‘Practice’ section focusing on learning and development and other professional issues for OH nurses and other professionals.

The editors welcome contributions from all practitioner groups and constructive suggestions from readers so that we can meet your information needs as comprehensively as possible. The core readership of the merged titles includes OH nurses and physicians, occupational hygienists and safety practitioners, but the new publication will also be of interest to the growing range of practitioners involved in delivering workplace health services, as well as those who manage and commission them.

The new ‘Review’ section

This month we introduce a new section, edited by one of the leading commentators in the field of occupational health, John Manos. This section will offer a critical review of new developments in its ‘dossier’ pages, in-depth features on crucial clinical and health and safety themes, a snapshot of new research, reviews of new publications, and authoritative legal opinion. Previous subscribers to Occupational Health Review will continue to get the most valuable content, but now on a monthly basis, and at a lower subscription price.

Everyone with responsibility for the health of working-age people will benefit from the new section’s analysis of developments in the occupational health evidence base.

Other services

The editorial team is also responding to the trend for practitioners to source more and more of their information online. Alongside the improvements to the print title, this month we also announce two new, free services to supplement the free monthly Occupational Health Direct e-mail, which many of you are already registered to receive.

The ‘Workplace Health Connections’ blog has been launched, which will update anyone with workplace health responsibilities on news and comment on the implications of developments. The aim is to get practitioners to share information and exchange views on the direction health and wellbeing in the workplace is taking. Anyone can read and comment on the blog posts.

Visit Workplace Health connections at

We will soon be announcing more networking opportunities for the wide audience of people with a stake in how workplace health services are developed.

The Occupational Health website provides news, comment and features as well as access to jobs in occupational health and safety, plus information on what is coming up in the journal. In combination with sister magazine Personnel Today, the website offers access to the archives of articles published in Occupational Health and Personnel Today.

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