Autism in the workplace: quiz answers and online resources

1. c – If you haven’t seen this film, it may be worth watching to get some idea of the nature of autism.

2. b – Learning difficulties do not feature among the three characteristics of autism, and many people with ASDs are highly intelligent.

3. a – Visit some of the resources listed below to find out more about autism and work.

4. b – Research undertaken and published in 2001 shows that the sickness absence of people with disabilities is not above average. In fact, much of it is lower than average. Explore the resources listed below for more information.

5. c

6. d – Consider why this is relevant. What does this mean to those companies that are manufacturing goods or offering services? How does this fact affect the organisation you work for?

7. b – Revise your knowledge of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Stress Management Standards. You will find them on the HSE website (listed in resources below).

8. a

9. b

10. d – What do you think of Leigh’s rehabilitation programme? Is it in line with current thinking on rehabilitation? Discuss this with your colleagues, clinical supervisor or mentor.

Online resources

  • The Employers’ Forum on Disability is the world’s leading employers’ organisation focused on disability as it affects business. It helps to make it easier to employ and do business with disabled people. It is supported by a growing list of members from UK business, multinational corporations, small- and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector, and is widely recognised as setting the standard for disability best practice.

  • This NHS website has a clear explanation of autism and also a small video showing a person with ASD at work.

  • This is the website for the National Autistic Society, which gives information to many people, including employers, and delivers information on services within your area. It also has leaflets and priced booklets on employing people with autism and Asbergers.

  • The Health and Safety Executive website provides information on its stress management standards. It also offers some online videos of how to manage stress, as well as an up-to-date section dated 30 Dec 2009.

  • Visit this website for more information on the Meadowhall project and the employment of young people on the autism spectrum.

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