Centre for High Performance Development unveils online stress questionnaire to help with stress management

The leadership and management training consultancy Centre for High Performance Development has launched an online personal stress questionnaire following research which found that one in five Brits felt “extremely stressed” at work.

The new tool contains 24 questions, and measures symptoms associated with stress. It then provides a preventive approach to stress management.

A survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that more than half of firms in non-manual industries cite stress as a leading cause of absence from work.

Moreover, the International Labour Organisation said the impact of stress in the workplace also affected the bottom-line to the tune of 10% of Britain’s gross national product.

Julia Payne, chief executive of the Centre for High Performance Development, said: “Stress is a part of everyday life and a business reality. Many companies are already dealing with the fallout of absence caused by stress and it’s time that assessment tools moved into the arena of providing solutions, rather than just measuring levels of stress.

“The personal stress questionnaire will provide an accurate picture of a person’s stress susceptibility. Being aware of the importance of the symptoms of stress before they occur is crucial as it allows people to put in place coping strategies that will reduce or remove the effect of the stress,” Payne concluded.

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