Unions deny rumours of job cuts at Cadbury Schweppes

Rumours of Cadbury Schweppes slashing UK jobs as part of a £300m cost-cutting drive have been rubbished by the Transport and General Workers (T&G) section of the Unite ‘super union’.

The Financial Times reported that Cadbury Schweppes was close to announcing its largest cost-cutting exercise in four years – amounting to savings of up to £300m and including a number of factory closures and job cuts.

The union, however, insisted that the exercise should not affect the Cadbury workforce in the UK.

T&G Section regional organiser Joe Clarke said: “There have been no discussions with Cadbury about job cuts or restructuring the Cadbury business.

“In fact, we are expecting increased investment by Cadbury in promoting its UK products.”

The job cuts were reported earlier this week as Cadbury recovers from a salmonella scare and a decline in its UK market share last year.

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