Civil service health roles are misguided

In response to the editor’s comment (October 2009, page 3) on the appointment of civil servants to the health co-ordinator roles recommended in Dame Carol Black’s review of health and work, the installation of civil servants into such key posts is contradictory. We talk about business being overburdened with regulation and one can only imagine what will be the outcome of this ill-judged decision.

I have attended many business awards and there are employers demonstrating their willingness and not insignificant investment in the health of workers and the significant benefits of doing so, partnering with occupational health specialists and trade unions. One cannot imagine these relationships will thrive under the control of the Civil Service.

Private industry and manufacturing survives and thrives in the UK through its willingness to work in close partnership with occupational health specialists, health and safety practitioners and trade unions to develop programmes that create an environment where people feel they are valued, safe, and where they benefit from health programmes invariably offered during working time.

Frank J Walsh, safety and services manager, Cummins Engine Company

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