Colorectal cancer screening can be done in the workplace

The mental and emotional toll of cancer, especially among men, has been highlighted by the charity Macmillan Cancer Support

A workplace intervention can increase colorectal cancer screening rates, according to this study of Californian firefighters. A testing kit, letter and survey of firefighters’ risk factors were sent to 1,203 firefighters; 37% completed the survey and 33% the test. Almost half of respondents had undertaken a stool test for blood at some time, although only 8% had done so in the past year. Among those aged 50 or over, 59% reported having a test for colon cancer at some time in the past.

Walsh JME et al (2014). “A workplace colorectal cancer screening program in firefighters: lessons learned”. Occupational Medicine, first published online 17 April 2014.

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