Continuing professional development quiz: Pre-employment health screening in Scotland

Life-long learning and continuing professional development (CPD) are the processes by which professionals, such as nurses, develop and improve their practice.

There are many ways to address your CPD: formally, by attending courses, study days and workshops; or informally, through private study and reflection.

Reading articles in professional journals is a good way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the field of practice, but reflecting on what you have learned from the articles is not always easy.

These questions are designed to help you identify what you have learned from studying the article. They will also help you to clarify what you can apply in practice, what you did not understand, and what you need to explore further.

1 As well as being evidence-based, what other framework was this initiative developed in line with?

a) Healthy Working Lives Framework

b) Dame Carol Black’s report

c) Improving Work and Health: Changing Lives

d) Business Health Check

2 Which of the following groups did NOT have its fitness standards reviewed?

a) Police

b) Teachers

c) Food handlers

d) Military

3 What model approach was taken instead of the traditional medical model?

a) Biopsychosocial

b) Functional capacity

c) Bio-medical

d) Disability

4 What did the evidence from the systematic literature review on the effectiveness of pre-employment health screening show?

a) Low specificity and predictive value

b) Low sensitivity and specificity

c) Low sensitivity, specificity and predictive value

d) High sensitivity, specificity and predictive value

5 Which of the following is NOT a piece of legislation that had to be considered when developing the new health declaration form?

a) The Human Rights Act

b) The Public Interest Disclosures Act

c) The Data Protection Act

d) The Disability Discrimination Act

6 Besides the OHN and physician, which other healthcare professional is required with regard to functional capacity?

a) Physiotherapist

b) Chiropractor

c) Orthopaedic consultant

d) Specialist occupational therapist

7 Which of the following is NOT one of the main reasons for being unfit for an NHS post?

a) Skin problems

b) Musculoskeletal problems

c) Diabetes

d) Mental health issues

8 Besides the health declaration form, what other information must be sent to the OH service from HR under the new system?

a) Sickness absence details

b) Job analysis form

c) Criminal Records Bureau check details

d) Proof of identity

9 Who took part in the evaluation of the new system?

a) Scottish Occupational Physicians Group & Scottish Senior NHS Occupational Health Nurse Managers Group

b) The Royal College of Nursing Scottish Nurses Group

c) The Association of Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners and the Faculty of Occupational Medicine

d) The Health and Safety Executive

10 What sort of data was collected by the evaluation survey?

a) Qualitative

b) Quantitative

c) Neither a nor b

d) Both a and b

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