Continuing professional development quiz: the answers

1. b – using the resources listed, update and refresh your knowledge of epilepsy.

2. a

3. c – DSE risk assessment should be undertaken by trained assessors. However, if firefighters need to use computers and DSE in their role, they too will need a risk assessment, and this is particularly relevant for people with epilepsy. Visit the epilepsy website for more information (see the online resources list below).

4. d – Refresh your knowledge of the DDA. Information relevant to the DDA and epilepsy can be found on the resources listed below. It must be remembered that OH can only give the opinion that one is ‘likely’ to come under the DDA, as the text says it is a legal decision.

5. b

6. a – Case management requires working with many different disciplines – not listed in the answer are the neurologist and the GP. In some cases, even more outside professionals and agencies may be necessary to give an opinion based on a biopsychosocial model.

7. d

8. c – Refresh your knowledge of these regulations on the HSE website.

9. c

10. c – Undertake a literature search for the latest evidence of the health effects of shift working. Consider whether any of this research applies to epilepsy sufferers.

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