More doctors seek mental health support

Stressed hospital consultant
Photo: REX/Monkey Business

Increasing numbers of doctors are seeking help from dedicated mental health support services – and 59% of them score above the threshold for burnout in self-report evaluation questionnaires, according to a recent study.

Research was conducted on 1,062 doctors attending a service over a 10-year period. Self-referrals into the service increased more than four-fold, from 44 in 2002 to 185 in 2011. Just over 60% of the doctors using the service also scored above the threshold for psychological distress, a proportion that remained consistent over the 10 years studied, the authors conclude.

Meerten M et al (2014). “Self-referrals to a doctors’ mental health service over 10 years”. Occupational Medicine, first published online 20 February.

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