Mental health conditions


Veterans to get specialist NHS mental health and rehab support

Armed forces’ veterans suffering mental ill health will now be able to get specialist mental health and rehabilitation support, NHS...

Workers with recurring conditions take 17 days off sick a year

4 Mar 2021

The average employee with a recurring medical condition, such as a chronic pain condition, takes 17 days of sick leave...

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Employers so focused on physical safety that mental health still being overlooked

2 Mar 2021

Employers are still overly focused on safeguarding the physical safety of employees at the cost of overlooking mental wellbeing, with...

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NHS to launch mental health hubs for health workers

1 Mar 2021

The NHS is set to open 40 dedicated mental health support hubs for healthcare workers across England, which will offer...

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Learning to work beyond Covid may bring multiple OH challenges

25 Feb 2021

As the UK economy and society cautiously unlocks between now and the summer, managing ‘return to work’ will need to...

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Staff more prepared for lockdown, but a fifth still anxious

22 Feb 2021

With prime minister Boris Johnson set later today to announce the timeframe for the UK’s first steps out of the...

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Third of Covid-19 patients put on ventilator experience PTSD

9 Feb 2021

More than one in three (35%) Covid-19 patients who are put on a ventilator experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder...

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SOM highlights case for wider access to OH in letter to chancellor

3 Feb 2021

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has written to chancellor Rishi Sunak to highlight the need for occupational health to...

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Call for NHS staff to be better supported so as to avoid undue risk-taking

2 Feb 2021

SOM, the Society of Occupational Medicine, has called for NHS staff to be better supported in the workplace so as...

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Why whole health matters now more than ever

1 Feb 2021

Employers need to look at the bigger picture when deciding how best to support employees as the pandemic rages on....

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Menstruation: nine in 10 experience stress and anxiety while working

29 Jan 2021

Nine in 10 (89%) employees who menstruate have experienced anxiety or stress while working while on their period.
According to...

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Employers overestimating effectiveness of their health benefits, poll finds

29 Jan 2021

Three in five (63%) business leaders think employers have more responsibility for their workforce’s mental and physical health outside of...

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Think-tank calls for development of ‘health hubs’ in town centres

19 Jan 2021

‘Health hubs’ combining GP surgeries, health and social care services and gyms should be established in town centres where shops...

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Few businesses monitoring the mental health of drivers

18 Jan 2021

Only a quarter of businesses with staff who drive for work have measures in place to monitor the mental health...

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Four in 10 intensive care staff experiencing PTSD

13 Jan 2021

Nearly four in 10 NHS staff in intensive care units reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following the first...

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