Employers not getting help to tackle mental ill-health

I’m not surprised that employers are up in arms about comments that they are ignoring the mental health issues of staff (Personnel Today, 17 October).

The NHS provision of help for less serious mental health disorders has been dramatically reduced in the past few years, and is focusing more and more on the serious and less frequent problems. Suggesting an employee goes to their GP is far less likely to have a positive outcome than it used to.

Business leaders need to know how to recognise and manage the impact that non-crisis, psychological problems have and take steps to limit the impact. The effect on the workplace is far more than time off sick. Poor decision-making, errors, accidents and reduced output are just a selection of the costs to business, as well as the human cost of the sufferer and those around them.

Mental ill-health is the most common cause of sickness at work and is an issue for everyone to discuss and adjust prejudices, and learn about and take action.

Andrew Buckley, founder, Kipepeo


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