Energy firm Centrica signs up Nuffield Proactive Health for employee wellbeing programme

Centrica energy firm has joined forces with health consultancy Nuffield Proactive Health to develop an employee wellness programme for the firm’s engineers.

The occupational health team at Centrica will oversee the programme, aimed at improving the wellbeing and fitness of engineer employees. About 800 new recruits will take part in the first phase of the scheme, which includes advice on nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

Jo Hoban, occupational health operations manager at Centrica, said: “We want to support and improve the health and wellness of our employees, not only when they fall ill or are injured, but proactively as well.

“With these programmes we are raising awareness of the importance of fitness, nutrition and relaxation and, helping to create an environment where they have all the professional support they need to live healthier and more rewarding lives.”

Centrica and Nuffield have also developed a wellness programme for existing employees with health issues, including obesity, musculo-skeletal disorders and depression/anxiety. About 150 workers are expected to participate in tailored exercise programmes.

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