Going nuts over a healthier lifestyle

It appears that ’tis the season to be healthy. The CBI’s Digby Jones is out running at 6am apparently in readiness for the London marathon, and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street is no longer proclaiming that ‘C is for Cookie’. Instead, he espouses the rather less catchy phrase: “A cookie is a ‘sometimes’ food.”

This health kick is gaining weight across Europe. City authorities in the Croatian capital of Zagreb are offering the unemployed jobs that are paid in trips to health spas.

Zvonimir Sostar, head of social welfare at Zagreb City Council, said the move would help motivate unemployed people to get back to work.
And it is not just people who are recipients of this concept.

Tim Burton, who is directing the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is apparently spending vast sums of money training squirrels to crack nuts for a scene in the film. Each squirrel reportedly had six months’ training. Hopefully, they will then eat the nuts and not a burger from the on-set catering van.

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