HR directors fail to understand risk of staff using own cars for business trips, report shows

Allowing staff to use their own cars for business trips has yet to register as a potential risk with senior management, research has revealed.

One-third (34%) of HR directors do not believe employees driving their own cars for work is a cause for concern.

This is despite the fact that under current legislation, companies are legally responsible for the condition and safety of all vehicles used for work-related journeys, irrespective of whether they are privately owned or company cars.

The survey of 150 HR directors, carried out by vehicle management group LeasePlan, also found that 85% see driver safety and corporate liability as a key issue.

This reveals a worrying gap in their understanding of the employers’ duty of care.

HM Revenue & Customs has estimated that about three million people use privately owned vehicles for business journeys.

David Brennan, managing director of LeasePlan, said: “With corporate manslaughter laws on the horizon, firms are beginning to understand that employees have to be in safe, well-maintained and suitable vehicles.

“However, these findings suggest that many HR departments have still to fully understand the scope of that liability.”

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