‘Laptop shoulder’ warning for business travellers

Workers who travel frequently on business are being warned to watch out for ‘laptop shoulder’, caused by carrying or working on their laptops in an awkward position.

Research by Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts and its physiotherapy consultant Diane Hunter has concluded that a large number of its business guests suffer from pain in their back, neck and shoulders as a result of using their laptops.

More than half – 57% – suffered from severe pain and discomfort while travelling on business.

Three-quarters carried their laptop in the wrong type of bag, exacerbating the symptoms.

Half were also oblivious to the ways that laptop shoulder and other repetitive strain injuries could be avoided and postural pain relieved, largely through some straightforward exercises.

The chain has produced a simple exercise guide to help guests and laptop users overcome the condition.

It is being piloted at the Crowne Plaza Liverpool City Centre hotel, where instructions will be placed in every room, and on conference days the hotel will offer free neck massages and exercise demonstrations.

“I am treating an increasing number of patients suffering from shoulder pain arising from carrying laptops,” said Hunter. “The symptoms include an aching shoulder, sometimes accompanied with neck and upper back pain. This can be a chronic and debilitating condition if left untreated.”

Exercises include lying down for 10 minutes on arrival, relaxing your arms and taking some deep breaths, sitting upright in your chair and stretching your arms periodically.Staff are also advised to lean back to stretch their upper back, rotate their upper body in their chairs, and look down their shoulders to stretch their neck.

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