Business travel

Business travel can be seen as a positive and a negative, depending on the employee, the destination and the reason for the journey. HR professionals need to keep in mind the various ways they can support staff who have to travel, whether domestically or internationally.

Global Travel Taskforce report ‘hammer blow for business travel’

Business travel specialists and holiday firms have voiced frustration over the government's Global Travel Taskforce report.

Business travel is creeping back, but at what risk?

9 Apr 2021

The number of business trips to the Middle East has started to rise again, proof that ‘essential’ work-related travel is back. But expert assistance is now needed to navigate the pitfalls.

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digital nomad

Risks HR must consider when employees work from abroad

31 Mar 2021

HR needs to stay on top of the risks that come attached to employees choosing to work from ‘home’ from beyond the UK. Nick Hine explains why.

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Numbers commuting to work goes up despite hybrid working plans

19 Mar 2021

Over half of UK employees travelled to work last week for the first time since June 2020, according to the Office for National Statistics.

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Could a blockchain health record help HR handle the pandemic?

15 Mar 2021

There could be a need for employees to share health credentials once the pandemic recedes. IBM is one of the companies developing secure ‘health passports’. 

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India deal could see more migrant workers enter UK

16 Feb 2021

New trade agreement with India could see more workers from India enter the UK once Covid recedes.

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Religious dress: Modest fashion in women’s working life

12 Feb 2021

What do you need in your wardrobe if your work takes you to the Middle East? Should HR help employees...

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How to keep LGBT employees safe abroad

8 Feb 2021

It may not seem a burning issue right now, but there good reasons for firms to meet the needs of LGBT+ employees who need to travel or be resident abroad.

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Brexit transition period end – what it means for HR (webinar)

27 Jan 2021

ON DEMAND | From an HR perspective, the end of the Brexit transition period means getting to grips with the new immigration rules...

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Biden to boost migrant worker visa rights

22 Jan 2021

Changes to rules concerning H-1B visas could increase numbers of foreign specialists while safeguarding US wages.

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Brexit: What the trade agreement means for business travel

12 Jan 2021

Employers with UK-based staff who regularly travel to EU nations for work, and vice versa, should consider whether visas are...

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Chinese IT specialists top visa approval ratios

7 Dec 2020

Higher proportion of Chinese IT experts given approval for UK visas than any other nation, despite government concerns over 'hostile state actors'.

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‘High-value’ business travellers to be exempt from quarantine

4 Dec 2020

The transport secretary Grant Shapps has indicated that “high-value business travellers” will be exempt from having to self-isolate when returning...

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‘Infodemic’ and ‘Covid myopia’ pose risks to global workforce

26 Nov 2020

Risks facing the global workforce have reached their highest level since 2016, with a growing ‘infodemic’ and mental health issues among significant challenges.

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US immigration: How Biden’s election affects global mobility

20 Nov 2020

Global mobility has been stymied under Donald Trump but the new Biden administration is planning a return to a more talent-friendly approach.

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