Business travel

Business travel can be seen as a positive and a negative, depending on the employee, the destination and the reason for the journey. HR professionals need to keep in mind the various ways they can support staff who have to travel, whether domestically or internationally.

‘Be understanding’ of staff self-isolating after trips abroad

Employers should ‘be understanding’ of employees who have been forced to self-isolate following a trip abroad, the government has said,...

Coronavirus and travel: seven questions about quarantine

28 Jul 2020

On Saturday, the government announced that anyone returning from Spain, including the Balearics and Canaries, must self-isolate on their return...

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business travel

Sustainability doubts could restrict business travel post-Covid-19

19 Jul 2020

Businesses reveal desire for more sustainability and permanent cultural changes over the coming years.

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Government consults on draft return-to-work guidelines

4 May 2020

Staggered start times, reduced hot-desking and new hygiene procedures could enable workplaces to reopen.

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Is the future of international business travel in the balance?

24 Apr 2020

Pandemics, rising costs and environmental concerns are leading to doubts over whether long-haul business travel will ever return to 'normal'.

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Flexible working

The lasting effects of coronavirus on HR and business

9 Apr 2020

The Covid-19 crisis will change how we work in future. Gartner’s Brian Kropp looks at the impact of the pandemic...

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London employers face lockdown on travel

19 Mar 2020

Employers in London are bracing for a likely lockdown on travel and movement as authorities attempt to stop the spread...

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Nokia: how a global employer is handling coronavirus

27 Feb 2020

Employers need to be pragmatic and fact-based and clear in their communications when managing staff, including some in Wuhan, China,...

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Coronavirus: Employers ‘quarantining’ own staff before trade show

7 Feb 2020

Employers are quarantining their own staff as the coronavirus outbreak...

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Top 10 HR questions January 2020: Coronavirus and Brexit

7 Feb 2020

What steps should employers take to manage the coronavirus outbreak?
At the start of the new year, employers have been...

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Coronavirus arrives in the UK

30 Jan 2020

Aircraft from Wuhan with 110 passengers due to arrive in UK at 1.30pm - passengers set for 14 days' quarantine.

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Coronavirus: employers urged to avoid business travel

23 Jan 2020

Employers should postpone or cancel business travel to the region of China that has been hit by an outbreak of...

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Why cultural training is vital for overseas assignments

15 Jan 2020

Overseas projects often fail when employees and their families are not prepared for life abroad. Janette Hiscock looks at why...

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Better coping strategies needed to manage business travel ill-effects

3 Jan 2020

A psychologist has suggested business travellers should develop “coping strategies” after a survey revealed employees' health problems stemming from lengthy periods spent flying or driving.

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EU visitors to UK will need three days’ notice before travelling

2 Dec 2019

Citizens of EU countries will need US-style ESTA pre-approval to enter the UK after Brexit.

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