Learning for life: Lifestyle screening

Quiz answers

1. d Do you agree with this definition, or do you have a better one? Consider how the definitions of health and health education in relation to the definition of health promotion. Consider how all this applies to OH.

2. c

3. b

4. a

5. b – Go to www.mja.com.au/public/mentalhealth/course/03ellen.pdf. This article explores the different ways of assessing anxiety and depression, including the doctor-rated assessment.

6. a – do an internet search for the ‘10-year coronary heart disease risk’ and find out more about this type of risk assessment.

7. c – Sugar was not included in this study. In light of the obesity factors today, why do you think this was?

8. b  – do you know all about cholesterol? If not, then use the resources listed to find out more about the different types of cholesterol and how they rate to healthy living.

9. d

10. c – There are many different statistical packages. An internet search can give you more details. All the items listed are comprehensive packages and there are many more. Take some time to find out more about what they really mean, and use some of the resources listed to help you.

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