Manchester Working works even better thanks to Occupational Medicals

With 550 staff involved in building repairs and maintenance of social housing and public buildings, Manchester Working knew that finding a good occupational health provider was a key business requirement.

Fortunately, Stockport-based Occupational Medicals came highly recommended and they now provide a full range of services including pre-employment questionnaires and medicals, reviews on fitness to work, consultations on medical retirements and a whole host of health surveillance requirements on site.

Elaine Allen, Personnel Officer at Manchester Working, confirms:

“The company wanted to reduce absenteeism in the workforce but I, personally, wanted to ask a question and receive a straightforward answer – and OM have delivered on both counts. 

“By working together, we have reduced both short-term and long-term sickness levels. From my point of view, I get clear, concise, definitive reports that are speedily sent – it’s a fantastic service because I get so much information to work from. 

“Our employees have told me that seeing the OM doctor really puts their mind at rest because they get time, attention, advice and recommendations that alleviate many of their problems. As a result, everyone is more productive – it’s a real win:win situation.”

Meena Nanavati, Managing Director of Occupational Medicals, confirms that good occupational health is an area of business that is increasingly proving its worth. 

She explains:

“2006 industry statistics show that sickness absence is an expensive problem for UK industry. Employees take, on average, 8.4 days sickness absence per year at £659 each. This trend is continuing to rise. 

“However, Occupational Medicals clients are seeing this trend in reverse. We have an excellent network of doctors and nursing staff which enables us to provide a top quality service nationwide – and our success is consistent.”

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