Occupational Health news in brief

Pregnancy and mental health leaflet launched

A leaflet on mental health during pregnancy has been published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. It is targeted at women with mental health problems during pregnancy, pregnant women who have experienced mental health problems in the past, and their partners, family and friends, said the college.

Mental health recovery paper published online

The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health has published an online paper designed to help health professionals make recovery the defining feature of the services they offer to people with severe or enduring mental health problems. The paper, Implementing Recovery: a methodology for organisational change, is the third in a “recovery project” series being developed by the centre.

Smoking ban clears air in Northern Ireland

Air quality in Northern Ireland has dramatically improved since the introduction of the smoke-free workplace legislation, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in Northern Ireland. A poll of 80 bars concluded that air quality was 93% cleaner following the smoking ban, with tests carried out before and two months after the introduction of the legislation.

Guide aims to encourage more men to get active

A practical guide to help men get moving and play more sport has been published by the Men’s Health Forum. The Question of Health booklet costs £1, and is available in boxes of 100 copies. More information is available from the website.

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