Occupational Health News in brief

Stress linked to diabetes

Anxiety, depression and sleepless nights increase the risk of diabetes in men, a Swedish study has suggested. Writing in the journal Diabetic Medicine, researchers at the Karolinska Institute found men with high levels of “psychological distress” had more than double the risk of developing type 2 diabetes than those with low levels.

HIV life expectancy rise

Life expectancy for people with HIV has increased by an average of 13 years since the late 1990s thanks to better HIV treatments, a study in The Lancet has said. Researchers said it means HIV is now effectively a chronic condition such as diabetes, rather than a fatal disease.

Fibromyalgia symptoms

People with fibromyalgia are likely to suffer sleeping problems that can make their symptoms more severe, according to a study in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism. The trial of 600 patients found 96% were classed as “problem sleepers”. Problems with sleep seemed to predict pain, and that pain was strongly linked to reduced physical functioning and depression.

White middle-aged people are most sporty

The comfortably off, white, and middle aged are the most likely to participate in sporting activities, a 10-year study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has concluded. The gap between rich, poor, black and white seemed to have widened rather than narrowed in a decade, as overall participation in sports has actually increased, it added.
Br J Sports Med 2008 doi 10.1136/bjsm.2008.048082

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