OH employees identify gaps in service quality

Many OH services are failing to provide a high level of service in areas that the nurses themselves identify as important, a survey of almost 500 OH practitioners shows.

Although OH practitioners provide comprehensive services in some areas they identify as important, such as confidential handling of data and disability assessments, in other areas there is a gap.

The survey of 473 OH practitioners, commissioned by the RCN and published in December 2005, shows that while 81% of respondents consider assessing risks to mental health important, only 42% provide a comprehensive service.

Similarly, 50% consider cost-benefit analysis important while only 21% provide a comprehensive service, and 53% consider attendance management important compared to 38% providing a full service.

The survey, carried out by the At Work Partnership, also sheds some light on strong and weak areas of competence.

High scoring areas are communication and teamwork.

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