Tube drivers in another strike ballot

Train drivers on the London Underground are to vote again on whether or to strike.

An agreement was reached only yesterday to avert strike action over a new roster system, but the RMT union has now produced a new list of grievances.

The new ballot for strike action was sparked by failure to resolve a range of issues, including policy on signals passed at danger, health and safety, bargaining arrangements, harassment, discipline, denial of representation rights and imposition of excessive punishments.

The RMT, noted for its adversarial approach to industrial relations, said members of London Underground management were trying to “out-militant each other”.

“After strenuous attempts to stop London Underground imposing new procedures and ignoring existing agreements, the RMT executive has agreed to ballot Tube train operators for strike action,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said today.

“There are laid-down procedures existing to deal with all the issues and we are ready to talk, but once again Tube management has jumped the gun and is trying to impose policies without agreement.

“Maybe they think there will be a management shake-up following the appointment of the new commissioner, but they are running wild, trying to out-militant each other and our members have run out of patience.”

The ballot will close on 9 February. The RMT will co-ordinate action with drivers’ union Aslef if management do not withdraw imposed procedures, Crow said.

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