OrganisationHealth creates code of conduct for psychological health and wellbeing at work

OrganisationHealth, whose purpose is to help organisations improve motivation, performance and productivity by reducing negativity and damaging stress, is pleased to announce that their new Code of Conduct for Psychological Health and Wellbeing at Work is now available.

The Code of Conduct has been created by Dr Derek Mowbray, the driving force behind OrganisationHealth and a Consultant Organisation and Occupation Health Psychologist specialising in implementing mental health and wellbeing at work.

Dr Mowbray focuses on the behaviour of leaders in relation to their employees, and helps leaders to develop behaviours that encourage commitment, trust and staff engagement.

Dr Derek Mowbray commented that psychological distress costs organisations £bn’s in lost concentration, under-performance, errors and accidents, diverted management resources, sickness, absence and staff turnover. Psychological distress contributes to about 50% of the causes of sickness and absence from work.

It is Dr Mowbray’s passionate belief that these detrimental effects can be minimised if organisations create, publish and adhere to a Code of Conduct that clearly reflects the organisation’s, mission, values and principles and linking these to the standards of professional conduct.

The conduct of individuals, therefore, should clearly reflect what the organisation ‘stands for’ and how it wishes to see itself projected to the outside world.

The Code of Conduct should be the central guide and reference in day to day decision making. The Code should be an open and public disclosure of how the organisation operates.

A Code can fulfil other functions. It can become a tool that encourages discussion around ethical dilemmas, prejudices and grey areas that arise during everyday working; it can help create a positive public identity for the organisation, raising levels of public confidence and trust.

Dr Derek Mowbray said that OrganisationHealth is happy to make this Code of Conduct freely available to help organisations prosper and thrive. 

OrganisationHealth will also assist organisations to create and implement their own Code of Conduct for Psychological Health and Wellbeing at Work to encourage commitment, trust and staff engagement with all their positive benefits.

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