Poll reveals biggest fears for workplace wellbeing

Stress and overwork, injuries and illnesses caused by the poor use of display screen equipment, and repetitive strain injuries, are the things that worry workers most when it comes to workplace health and safety, according to the TUC.

The union body’s bi-annual survey of more than 2,600 safety reps found six in 10 reported stress or overwork as a concern, with worries most common in the public sector and in large workplaces.

Injuries and illnesses resulting from the poor use of display screen equipment had risen from fourth place in 2006 to become the second most common concern, reported by two in five reps. Repetitive strain injuries were another commonly reported hazard, cited by four out of 10.

Other concerns on the increase since the 2006 survey included slips, trips and falls (up 6%), working alone (up 3%), and violence and threats at work (up 4%), said the TUC.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: “Simple office hazards, such as spending too much time fixed on a computer screen or sitting on a badly designed chair, are often overlooked by employers. But they are actually a huge concern to workers and need to be addressed.”

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