Productivity hit by personal finance stress

More than a third of workers are suffering from stress due to problems with personal finances, research has found.

A poll of 200 HR professionals by insurance giant AXA also found that respondents in almost a quarter of firms felt the majority of their employees were showing symptoms of stress as a result of money worries.

More than three-quarters felt employees would be more productive if they were less concerned about financial issues.

Dudley Lusted, head of corporate healthcare and wellbeing, said over half of employees spend time organising personal finances in the workplace, and HR needed to intervene soon.

“It’s self evident that personal financial worries can have a significant impact on performance and once HR professionals better appreciate that financial worries can – and do – distract employees from concentrating on their work, they can take proactive steps to help their people address their money concerns,” said Lusted.

More than 40% of organisations would wait until an employee asked for assistance before offering advice or support.

Last week, research showed staff were risking their health by working longer hours to fight the credit crunch.

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