Coronavirus: Four things to consider when encouraging home working

With almost 600 cases of the new coronavirus confirmed in the UK, businesses are increasingly telling staff to work from...

Ill health costs firms 38 days per employee in lost productivity

21 Feb 2020

Employers lost on average 38 working days per worker to physical and mental health-related absence and presenteeism in 2019, costing...

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‘Overcommitment’ is greatest HR challenge for 2020

13 Feb 2020

The urge to commit to too many initiatives may be one of the greatest challenges facing HR, according to global...

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Four ways to empower teams and unlock potential

10 Feb 2020

Finding the right workplace culture where teams and individuals feel free to experiment and take action doesn’t necessarily come naturally...

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One in three employees say their job is ‘low quality’

4 Feb 2020

Research published today shows that 36% of UK employees report having a “low-quality” job.
Analysis of the Household Longitudinal Study...

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woman in bed sick working

Dissatisfaction with work culture leads to millions of sick days

3 Feb 2020

Businesses could make productivity gains by improving culture, flexibility and office cleanliness.

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Productivity continues to be outpaced by wage growth

8 Jan 2020

The Office for National Statistics has published the latest productivity figures for the UK showing that output per hour rose...

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Getting value out of your company values

7 Jan 2020

It wasn’t until around 20 years ago that most companies began to state their values and deploy them as strategic...

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Employees’ money worries ‘costing employers billions’

16 Dec 2019

Financial worries are costing employers billions every year in absenteeism, lost productivity and turnover costs – but organisations are doing...

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Are employees working too many hours?

19 Nov 2019

The traditional 9am-5pm working day is quickly disappearing, but this is because many employees are regularly working beyond their contracted...

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Remote workers ‘should spend at least two days in office’

11 Nov 2019

A study finds that while remote working is linked to positive wellbeing, it has little effect on stress and productivity.

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Two-thirds don’t want to talk about money issues at work

6 Nov 2019

Business for the Community research finds a fifth of staff are struggling to make ends meet.

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‘Conclusive link’ between happiness and productivity

17 Oct 2019

It has long been suggested that happy workers are more productive, but now research from the University of Oxford has...

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CIPD’s Peter Cheese: HR’s role in improving mental health

10 Oct 2019

On World Mental Health Day, HR teams have been reminded of the scale of the mental ill health “epidemic” and...

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Productivity puzzle persists with fastest fall in five years

8 Oct 2019

UK productivity in April to June fell at its fastest pace since 2014, when compared to the same quarter last...

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