Public Health Nursing: A Textbook for Health Visitors, School Nurses and Occupational Health Nurses

Edited by: Greta Thornbory
ISBN: 9781405180078
Published by: Wiley-Blackwell
Price: £26.99

This is the first book of its kind in that it is directed at the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing workforce (SCPHN) and brings together experts in the field of occupational health nursing, health visiting and school nursing to reflect upon what it is that their specialities bring to the field of public health nursing.

There are useful sections on public health and public health nursing, and then the theory that underpins practice in each field, followed by chapters on how that theory is applied in contemporary practice.

This is an excellent ‘state-of-the-art’ book that reflects the most up-to-date thinking. It is informed by the development of current government policy. Students and experts in the different fields of practice will benefit from reading those chapters from other specialist areas, as well as from their own areas of practice, to appreciate the very different specialist branches that make up the SCPHN workforce and the very different ways in which they work with individuals and populations.

Interventions at all stages in the life cycle, from early years in the home and with the family, to the school and in peer groups within the community, and to the workplace, where efforts to protect and promote the health of the individual so that they can remain economically active through to retirement, are described.

Further editions of this book may be strengthened by the inclusion of examples of joint working, or complimentary working, between the different specialist pathways that make up the SCPHN workforce.

This is a useful book for students studying to become SCPHNs in any of the pathways described, and should be on the essential reading list of all universities offering these courses.

Dr Stuart Whitaker is senior lecturer in OH at St Martin’s University, Lancaster

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