Royal College of Physicians launches occupational health audit tools

The Royal College of Physicians’ Health and Work Development Unit is launching two audit and quality improvement projects for occupational health physicians, nurses and services, both NHS and private.

There will be a national audit of long-term sickness absence, with an emphasis on evaluating clinical ­performance against guidance from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, barriers and enablers around co-morbid depression and evidence of compliance around SEQOHS ­accreditation standards.

The second project will be a national clinical audit of record-keeping standards, encompassing measuring and improving compliance with regulatory body requirements for clinical record-keeping and benchmarking against OH services.

Unit leader Dr Siân Williams said: “Previous participants have not only improved their practice but initiated healthy debate on gaps in the evidence base. The audits have created a real sense of community within teams and across the country.

“This is a real opportunity to show our profession’s commitment to clinical quality improvement,” she added.

Information on how to participate is available on the Faculty of Occupational Medicines website.

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