Shorter commute would tempt half UK’s workers to change job

Almost half (49%) the nation’s workforce would ditch their current job for a shorter commute, according to a survey by employment services provider Manpower.

On average, workers spend 360 hours, or 15 days, a year just getting to work and 49% would leave their current role if a shorter commute was up for grabs.

The average commute to work was found to be between 16 and 45 minutes and 71% of Brits would like to work from home if they had the option.

Jason Greaves, head of Manpower‘s commercial staffing, said employers should consider offering staff staggered journey times and working from home.

He said: “Many workers are trying to find local jobs to get a better work-life balance.

“This not only means a shorter commute, which would [provide] more time for their social lives, but it means happier employees and increased productivity.”

If those surveyed were able to spend less time commuting, 29% would take up a new hobby, 37% would spend more time with their family, 15% would stay in bed and 15% would go to the gym.

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