Royal Mail launches round-the-clock employee assistance programme

The Royal Mail is launching a new employee assistance scheme for its 193,000-strong workforce. 

Known as HELP (Health and emotional wellbeing, Employment advice, Legal services and Practical assistance), the new service will be free of charge to employees and members of their immediate family. 

It offers round-the-clock confidential advice from independent experts on both personal and practical topics. These could range from money problems, legal issues and work-related subjects to finding local service providers, such as child minders. 

Staff gain Initial access to the service is via a helpline, with the option of face-to-face counselling if appropriate to cover issues such as stress management, bereavement, and relationship issues.

Tony McCarthy, Royal Mail’s people and organisational director, said: “We believe this is one of the largest and most comprehensive schemes of its kind offered by a UK company.

“We aim to provide a quick and easy way for our people to talk to someone about whatever is on their mind, whenever they want to, free of charge and in complete confidence.

“The service gives them access to experts in their fields who can offer advice on a wide range of topics – effectively a friend on the phone when they need one.”

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