Six million people sue their employer over injury at work

Up to six million people have sued their employers in the past year after receiving injuries or illnesses at work, according to research.

Pollsters YouGov interviewed 1,979 adults for insurance firm RSA and calculated that 11.8 million people had suffered health problems because of their jobs in the past 12 months.

More than half of those people who had suffered illness or injury due to work had sued their employer, with a further third going to their trade unions, and one in 10 making complaints to their line managers.

The most common problems were back strains and stress, which accounted for half of the problems. Elsewhere, 7% of those injured or made ill at work suffered from musculoskeletal disorders, and 4% breathing problems.

Nearly one in five people injured or made ill in the workplace have taken between one and six months to recover.

Colin Bradbury, underwriting director at insurance firm RSA, which commissioned the survey, said: “These figures show that a significant number of injuries and illnesses are being incurred in the workplace.

“If there are team members missing or unable to take part in decisions, this can only have a negative effect on the business and involve the company in significant costs.”

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