Specsavers updates its optical care voucher scheme

Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has improved the offering on its Optical Care Voucher scheme.

The voucher works as an extremely simple and cost-effective employee benefit that can be offered to all levels of staff.

Each Optical Care Voucher from Specsavers costs the company just £35 to purchase and now covers:

  • A full eye examination at any of over 450 Specsavers Opticians stores throughout the UK

  • A pair of glasses, including standard Ultra single vision lenses, from Specsavers’ £45 range or:

  • A pair of non-prescription sunglasses from Specsavers’ £45 range

  • A scratch resistant treatment on all lenses

  • Employees can use the voucher as a £45 contribution towards the cost of higher-priced items. This can include glasses from a higher-priced range or more specialised requirements like bifocal or varifocal lenses.

Because Specsavers’ Optical Care Vouchers are so easy to use, they reduce the time-consuming administration associated with organising sight tests and providing glasses.

Employers will no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers, all they have to do is purchase and distribute the vouchers.

Health and safety regulations oblige employers to provide eye tests and glasses to certain sections of the work force.

These regulations have, however, proved difficult to interpret and hard to fairly implement, so many employers feel it makes sense to provide all-encompassing but cost-effective care.

Optical Care Vouchers from Specsavers, entitle everyone to a sight test (not just those who are required to have them under current legislation) and a pair of glasses if they need them.

If the sight test shows that an employee does not need glasses, they can have non-prescription sunglasses instead.

Mark Raines, Corporate and Retail Development Director for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, says:

“Our Optical Care Vouchers make fulfilling health and safety obligations very simple and also offer a cost-effective employee benefit that can be offered to any or all levels of staff.

“And because eye examinations can give early warnings for serious conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, employers will not only be protecting their employees’ eyesight but also providing a valuable health benefit.”

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