Treat your own back pain

Greta Thornbory reviews a health and safety at work handbook and DVDs devoted to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)           

By Judith Pitt-Brooke, chartered physiotherapist  (as seen on BBC TV)

Treat your own Neck and Arm Pain and Treat your own Back Pain

These two DVDs would be very useful in an OH department, either to use as part of a health education programme or to lend to staff when no physiotherapist is available though the company.

They are nicely presented, clear and concise, with appropriate care taken warning people when they need to seek further help and advice from their medical practitioner.

The programmes include exercises for general health and fitness as well as prevention. Also there are exercise regimes designed for specific areas, such as hands and wrists or arms and shoulders, and users have the opportunity to pick treatment and exercises relevant to their own needs.

Treatment is in line with general first-aid principles and clear guidance is given as to when and what exercises should or can be undertaken.

Valuable advice is also given on areas such as posture and seating. Many of the exercises are similar to those used in exercise classes, such as pilates. From around 15 for each, they represent excellent value and a useful resource.

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