TUC urges employers to stop shunning people with mental health issues

The TUC has published new guidance to help employers and unions support people with mental health problems at work.

The report, Representing and Supporting Members with Mental Health Problems at Work, produced with consultant Disability Forward, recommends that unions work with employers to encourage job applications from people with mental health issues, and urge individuals to disclose any mental health problems they may have.

Organisations in the UK are increasingly affected by mental ill health in the workplace, the report states, and one in six workers will experience depression, anxiety, or stress-related problems.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: “Hundreds and thousands of people at work face ignorance, prejudice and stigma because of mental health problems. Even more – who are both able and willing to work – cannot get a job because of discrimination by employers, even though this is illegal under the Disability Discrimination Act.

“This report provides union reps with the information they need to help people with mental health problems keep their jobs and develop their careers,” Barber said. “It will help unions work out how to make adjustments in the workplace for people with these health problems, and help employers keep their valuable and skilled staff,”

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