Union demands security measures on Tube

Union leaders are holding meetings today with London Underground management and police to press for “urgent” security measures in the wake of the recent bombings.

The Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union warned that thousands of Tube workers could be balloted for industrial action if an agreement was not reached on additional protection.

General secretary, Bob Crow, said the union wanted rail guards to be reintroduced on Tube trains, safety equipment including breathing apparatus to be made available to all staff, and a guarantee that there would be no cuts in station staff numbers.

Crow said the meeting had been arranged because of the “disappointing” talks held between union officials, London Underground and London mayor Ken Livingstone last week.

“It is bizarre that, despite the events of recent weeks, London Underground is still planning to reduce station staff numbers, refuses to consider additional staff on stations and trains, and continues to reject our requests for additional training, breathing apparatus for frontline staff and other measures,” Crow said.

He said the union executive committee “will not be sitting on our hands” if the talks failed to result in significant progress.

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