Weekend winner as Saturday is named ‘best day of the year’

Saturday 30 July is the best day of the year, according to a new poll of the British public.

Research, commissioned by Best Western Hotels and carried out by pollsters YouGov, showed that a combination of lighter nights, warmer temperatures and the holiday season feelgood factor, added to other issues such as school holidays and pay dates, culminated in Saturday 30 July being named the top day.

Best Western spokeswoman, Janine Teasdale, said: “We’ve polled more than 2,000 of the adult population to test consumer views and attitudes, looked at some additional empirical data and the conclusion is that it’s the last Saturday in July.

“As well as the YouGov research findings, which gave us a pretty good indication of how the British public felt, we also factored in issues such as the school holidays and also estimated that by Saturday 30 July most salaried employees and weekly wage earners would have been paid,” she said.

Best Western also analysed Met Office weather patterns for the past 90 years, which showed that July has been the warmest month with an average temperature of 18.6 degrees C.

The research follows a study published earlier this year, which revealed a ‘scientific formula’ for the worst day of the year – 24 January.

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