Employee opinion surveys

An employee opinion survey, or “employee attitude survey”, is designed to gain an understanding of employees' opinions about their workplace.

An employer might carry out an employee opinion survey on a regular basis (for example, annually) seeking information on the general attitudes of employees across a range of areas related to the workforce.

An employer might also conduct a specific survey from time to time to ascertain employees' reactions to a particular work situation, problem or event.

One in three employees say their job is ‘low quality’

Research published today shows that 36% of UK employees report having a “low-quality” job.
Analysis of the Household Longitudinal Study...

Tech companies dominate Glassdoor employer rankings

11 Dec 2019

Six of the top 10 employers in the UK are technology companies, according to employer review site Glassdoor.

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Zalando accused of misusing software to rank workers

22 Nov 2019

Online fashion retailer Zalando has been accused of using a performance management tool that ranks employees by how they evaluate...

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Wound-up workers twice as likely to leave feedback

25 Sep 2019

Employees are twice as likely to give feedback on their workplace if they feel upset, according to a global study...

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Transforming culture: How to bring people with you through change (webinar)

4 Jul 2019

ON DEMAND | Look at any HR trends right now and the focus is on workplace culture. Or explicitly, having a culture that supports transformational change...

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Benchmark your employee engagement levels against other employers

14 Feb 2019

PROMOTED | With retaining, motivating and engaging staff key to business performance, employee engagement has never been more vital to the UK economy ...

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The four zones of team engagement and how to make the best of them

12 Dec 2018

Despite a huge body of research into employee engagement, little has focused on team dynamics. A team from Ashridge at...

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Faster feedback will create a happier workplace

10 Dec 2018

Regularly assessing employee satisfaction can help create a transparent environment and allow issues to be tackled swiftly. Jim Barnett at...

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Get radical with engagement surveys to reap business benefits

15 May 2018

Traditional engagement surveys can give employers insight into workforce motivation, but do they provide a true picture of how employees...

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How continuous listening eclipses employee engagement surveys

14 May 2018

PROMOTED | Engagement surveys are conducted infrequently, with their results often emerging long after they were fully relevant.

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UNLEASH 2018: HR professionals urged to embrace rather than fear change

23 Mar 2018

If there was one consistent theme etched through this week’s UNLEASH conference (formerly HR Tech World) it was not to...

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In which sector is HR perceived least effective?

4 Aug 2017

Staff in technology companies believe their HR departments under-perform, when compared to the people functions in other industry sectors, according...

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How to improve employee attraction, onboarding and retention (webinar)

2 Jun 2017

ON DEMAND | One in four new hires leave in their first year, costing the equivalent of a year’s salary to replace them....

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Employee engagement: are confusion and ambiguity hindering success?

9 Mar 2016

There’s a lot of noise about employee engagement but not a great deal of clarity, argues Jo Harley. How can...

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Can “measuring” happiness improve engagement?

30 Sep 2015

A venture capital company has been measuring employees’ happiness levels on a daily basis. How has this changed the organisation’s...

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