Work worries ensure holidaymakers get no break from stress

Nine out of 10 people worry about work when they are away on holiday, with seven in 10 workers concerned whether their job will still be there when they get back to work, according to research.

The survey of almost 3,000 employees by law firm Peninsula also found that 52% of those polled claimed that they feel they will not have time to take their full holiday entitlement this year.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula, said that enjoying time off was important for staff and their employers.

“The workplace is a stressful environment and time needs to be taken out to unwind and relax,” he said. “This can only benefit the employee and in turn benefit the employer.

“For an employer to have a workplace of motivated staff, they must look at ways of prompting employees to take their allocated holiday time to recharge their batteries and feel revitalised to work.”

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