Poor leadership hits productivity and staff morale

Two-thirds of UK organisations are suffering from a shortage of highly effective leaders leading poor productivity and low staff morale, according to a new study.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) training and development survey found that many leaders lack the skills to successfully lead and manage.

Carolyn Martin, dean of faculty at RainmakerThinking, speaking at the CIPD conference, said that the UK  was suffering from an “under-management epidemic”.

She said that today’s managers have more on their plates than ever before.

“As tiers of management have been stripped out and organisations have become more target-driven, managers have found themselves spending more time managing balance sheets than on people,” Martin said.

“But in many cases this has left the workforce under-managed, undermining efforts to achieve business objectives.”

She said that employers needed to make sure  that the simple things “such as communication and team involvement don’t get lost in the single-minded drive to hit targets”.

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