Employee obesity has been in the spotlight since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision in FOA, acting on behalf of Karsten Kaltoft v Billund Kommune in late 2014. In the case, the ECJ held that it is possible for obesity to constitute a disability under discrimination laws.

It did not take long for the UK courts and tribunals to apply this ruling. In early 2015, a Northern Ireland tribunal in Bickerstaff v Butcher upheld an individual's complaint of harassment after comments were made at work about his weight.

obesity discrimination

‘Urgent need’ to address UK obesity amid Covid outcomes warning

There is an “urgent need” to address obesity levels in the UK, the Royal College of Physicians has warned, in...

Study confirms link between physical activity and lower cardiovascular risk

12 Jan 2021

Physical activity can be associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, with the greatest benefit seen among those who...

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Sixteen per cent of adults could have an eating disorder

6 Jan 2021

One in five women and one in eight men screened positive for a possible eating disorder in 2019, recently published...

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Government’s obesity strategy not working, research finds

15 Dec 2020

The government’s campaign to encourage people to lose weight in order to reduce the risk Covid-19 poses to their health...

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Firms should have legal duty to protect night workers’ health, says Co-op

30 Nov 2020

The Co-op has launched a nightshift workers’ health and wellbeing ‘manifesto’ in Parliament, which has called for employers to be...

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Insurer recommends ‘fake commute’ to boost home workers’ health

27 Nov 2020

Employees have been encouraged to adopt a ‘fake commute’ while working from home, with research finding almost three in five...

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Why placing people in groups based on risk goes against inclusivity

29 Jun 2020

As employers prepare to return to work, many are considering certain groups of employees based on their risk factors. But...

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More than a quarter eating less healthily during lockdown

22 Jun 2020

More than a quarter of people say they have been eating less healthily during the weeks of lockdown, with stress,...

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How should vulnerable workers feature in return to work risk assessments?

8 Jun 2020

BAME people and individuals with obesity are at greater risk from Covid-19. How can they be protected in the workplace?

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Coronavirus: nearly nine in 10 fear for their health

8 Apr 2020

Almost nine out of 10 (87%) employees fear for their health because of the Covid-19 outbreak, with many feeling isolated,...

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Boom in diabetes diagnoses on the horizon, warns NHS and charity

26 Feb 2020

Around 5.3 million people in the UK are expected to be living with diabetes by 2025, following a stark increase...

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Employers ‘not providing facilities that enable physical activity’

2 Dec 2019

Eight in 10 (84%) workers are failing to achieve the minimum amount of physical activity recommended by the NHS, while...

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Just a quarter make lifestyle choices to cut cardiovascular disease risk

24 Oct 2019

Only a quarter of UK adults make conscious decisions about their health and lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing...

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Stressed staff turn to ‘unhealthy’ coping mechanisms over professional help

20 Sep 2019

Many workers who feel stressed are turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as alcohol and “stress eating” rather than seeking...

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Physical activity interventions need to be tailored to individual needs, report says

9 Jul 2019

There is an opportunity for employers to support their staff to become more active, but they will need to tailor...

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