Mental health worsens for newly reliant on financial support

The mental health of people newly reliant on state benefits and financial support during the pandemic worsened far more last...

NHS staff with mental health concerns quadruple during pandemic

29 Apr 2021

The number of NHS staff reporting significant mental health issues quadrupled during the first wave of Covid-19, according to what...

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A new standard for managing psychosocial risk

29 Apr 2021

Managing mental health risks has never been so high on the business agenda, but by being aware of, and meeting,...

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OHW+ launch webinar on managing post-pandemic trauma

26 Apr 2021

The past year has been traumatic for many workers, whether we’re talking about the intense emotional pressures NHS workers have...

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Study exposes mental ill health among remote rotational workers

13 Apr 2021

A study has highlighted the impact remote rotational work can have on mental health, with a significant proportion of staff...

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One in three managers seeks professional mental health support

12 Apr 2021

More than a third of managers at UK businesses have sought professional mental health support in the past year, with...

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Survey exposes burnout ‘epidemic’ among managers

24 Mar 2021

Only a fifth of managers who have experienced feelings of burnout since the pandemic hit have sought medical support, a...

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NHS funding to enable further health support for frontline workers

19 Mar 2021

The £6.6 billion NHS funding package, announced by the government yesterday, will help the health service provide mental health and...

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Intensive care staff could leave profession if not given mental health support

16 Mar 2021

Half of staff working in intensive care units will need psychological support in order to deal with the trauma of...

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Four in 10 NHS staff unwell with work-related stress

15 Mar 2021

The proportion of NHS staff feeling unwell as a result of work-related stress continued to rise last year, particularly in...

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eating disorders at work

Pandemic could leave ‘a hidden epidemic’ of eating disorders

9 Mar 2021

The country could be facing a ‘hidden epidemic’ of eating disorders, as referrals to hospital and emergency admissions have increased...

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Nurses call for any NHS return to ‘normal’ not to overlook wellbeing

9 Mar 2021

Any return of the NHS to ‘normal service’ post pandemic must have the patient at its centre, but must also...

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Employers so focused on physical safety that mental health still being overlooked

2 Mar 2021

Employers are still overly focused on safeguarding the physical safety of employees at the cost of overlooking mental wellbeing, with...

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NHS to launch mental health hubs for health workers

1 Mar 2021

The NHS is set to open 40 dedicated mental health support hubs for healthcare workers across England, which will offer...

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Why whole health matters now more than ever

1 Feb 2021

Employers need to look at the bigger picture when deciding how best to support employees as the pandemic rages on....

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