ALC Health launches an online “quote and buy” facility

ALC Health, the UK based international medical insurance provider, has launched an online quote and buy facility via its website  Visitors to the site including corporates are able to buy international private medical insurance cover instantly, all year around and at any time of the day or night by completing the online form and paying with a credit card.

ALC Health is one of a few companies offering an instant “buy online” capability within the International PMI sector with the majority of companies choosing to offer an online quote facility with a follow up sales call.

Andrew Apps, Director at ALC Health said:

“We have taken the decision to offer an instant buy online facility because of the nature of our business and our international clientele.  Customers from around the world, including corporate customers, from within any time zone, can now go online to buy their medical insurance and get instant cover.  This avoids waiting for a call back, sometimes not until the next day because of time differences, as well as cutting out the need to fax agreements back to us.

“We do of course, appreciate that there are people who prefer to speak directly to one of our customer service representatives and that service is still available.  However, some people prefer to arrange their own cover quickly and easily without the need for human intervention.  Nowadays, consumers are familiar with buying motor or home insurance online and getting instant cover and so have no qualms about arranging all of their insurance needs in this way.”

Further details are available by calling +44 (0)1903 817 970, or visit

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