Arthritis and poor support force people out of work

Employer support is one of the key deciding factors that can help workers with arthritis keep their jobs, a survey by charity Arthritis Care has argued.

Its poll, published last month to coincide with World Arthritis Day on October 12, found that, where employers failed to offer support, such as flexible working and an accessible environment, employees with arthritis were more likely to end up leaving their jobs.

Of those still in work despite having arthritis, three quarters said their employer had provided reasonable adjustments when asked.

By comparison, just under four out of 10 of those not now in work had similarly been offered or received such adjustments.

Seven out of 10 of those who were no longer working directly blamed their decision to leave their job on their arthritis.

Almost two-thirds said they had requested reasonable adjustments from their employer, yet only one in three of these had got them.

The charity has launched an “Employers’ Pledge” urging employers to affirm their commitment to improving life at work for people with arthritis.

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