Bupa research highlights benefits of taking long holidays

Financial and job worries mean that more than four out of 10 Britons will not be taking a “substantial” holiday of a week or more this year, with more than half feeling more stressed about life and work than one year ago, a poll has suggested.

Yet the research from healthcare provider Bupa also highlighted the mental and physical health benefits of taking a proper break.

After taking a break, 34% felt better able to cope with stressful situations and 47% saw a noticeable improvement in their mental wellbeing, while a quarter came back motivated to eat more healthily.

Those taking a substantial holiday break were also more likely to report themselves as generally “very healthy” or “fairly healthy” than those staying at home.

Money worries and anxieties about work were the key factors holding people back from booking a break this year.

Of those respondents not taking a holiday, more than half said that it was because they could not afford to do so.

For almost one in seven people of those not taking a whole week off work in 2011, the reason given was because they were worried that their job could be at risk if they asked for time off in the current financial climate, it was revealed.

Bupa clinical director of occupational health Dr Jenny Leeser said: “If financial restraints mean that a week-long holiday is unlikely this year, it is still important that employees feel encouraged to take time off from work to rest, even if they stay at home.”

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