A blockbuster benefit for employees: Filmology enables companies to offer discounted cinema vouchers

Filmology, the UK’s leading cinema and promotions company, has launched a new employee benefits initiative providing discounted cinema vouchers, with up to 40 per cent off usual admission prices.

Staff will simply log on to their company’s employee benefit portal to buy discounted cinema vouchers.

David Pearson, Director of Filmology comments: “Many employers already motivate and reward their staff by offering or giving them cinema ticket vouchers. Now they can also give their employees the chance to save significantly on the cost of enjoying an outing to the cinema as often as they want.

“Everyone enjoys a trip to the cinema and, as there are new films every week, it is a pleasure that staff can enjoy often. It’s an employee benefit or reward that can inspire and motivate anyone.”

The vouchers are redeemable at over 480 cinemas across the UK and Ireland, with cinemas including Cineworld, Showcase, Apollo and Empire Cinemas involved in the scheme.  Vouchers are also available for Filmology’s own Independent Cinema Ticket, valid at over 230 independent cinemas in the UK and Ireland.

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